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Name:Captain Jack Sparrow

Currently this character is active at Eachdraidh.

[second edit] I am sorry for how confusing this mini-bio is. As mini-bios go, this one will eff you over pretty solidly. If you play at Eachdraidh and see Luceti-related things, just ignore them. Jack has no wings in Eachdraidh. Not a one.

[third edit] Oh my God I am editing it again. Jack's canon point for Eachdraidh is during the Pelgostan chieftain ritual at the beginning of Dead Man's Chest.

Important Links:

Appointments Post the Third -- Please use this til further notice!

Appointments Post the Second (Archived Threads)

Appointments Post the First (Archived Threads)

Relationships and Broken HTML Galore! MARVEL AT IT.


Archived Gameplay for Luceti! Feel free to put plotty questions or ideas here.

Important Announcements and Disclaimers

On the History of Cullen House and Cullen House Floor Plan

Wing Color: Black

Canon Point: After AWE

"Myself, I was trained in the Italian style. The Italians take your passion, see? And they make it lethal. And then they pour wine and olive oil on top of it.
Deliciously lethal. That's Jack."

This journal is a continuation of my Livejournal account [profile] lists_to_port.

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an-agreeable-sense-of-the-macabre, anachronistic dropkick murphy fans, anachronistic jimmy buffet fans, anachronistic literary tattoos, and countless screaming argonauts, being the captain, blonds, bound for life, brunettes, children of the universe, derring-do, eunuchs, half-barrel hinges, hello beastie, immortality, infinite to venture, jars of dirt, keith-richards-in-a-coconut-tree, leverage, madness or brilliance, me effects, mountains of endless falling, mutinies, not being marooned, oh we have fun, piracy, pirata codex, pizarro's pies, redheads, rum, saucy wenches, sea turtles, stones of faroe, swords, the black pearl, thinking like the whelp, through the hurricane, trolling the doctor, up is down, your half
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